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MAC STEEL has floor-type milling-boring nachine, portal-type processing center, vertical lathe, deep-hole drilling machine, nulti-drilling machine and planer, which are multi-standard, high-precision and multi-function.
MAC STEEL has a wealth of machining experience and cases, such as the processing of tube sheets, food machinery, papermaking equipment, tank storage trucks, large oil tanks, pressure vessels, etc.

BethShip:Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation

Jul 22, 2020 · BethShip, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, a massive shipyard that built many vessels over the years, used asbestos and caused exposure in some workers. Founded in 1905, BethShip built many ships during World War II, when asbestos on ships was prevalent. Locations for the companys shipyards included:Quincy, Massachusetts Shipyards & Asbestos:Exposure Risks for Shipyard Mar 04, 2021 · While working at Newport News Shipbuilding and aboard 17 Exxon commercial oil tankers throughout the 1960s and 70s, Bert Minton was exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos. He claimed that Exxon knew of the minerals health risks, but failed to adequately warn or protect shipyard workers and crew members. Asbestos Exposure and Shipyards Asbestos ShipsAug 03, 2017 · Shipyards are among the first job sites associated with exposure to high levels of asbestos among workers. Shipyard workers and naval personnel were often exposed to asbestos during the construction and maintenance repairs of warships and other large navy vessels. This toxic material was frequently used in boilers, pipe covering, gaskets, wall Fore River Shipyard Asbestos Fact Sheet Massachusetts

  • History of Fore River ShipyardAsbestos Products Used at Fore River ShipyardTrades Exposed to AsbestosWhat Can You do?Perched at the mouth of the Fore River in Quincy, Massachusetts, the Fore River Shipyard played a major role in the building of the United States Navy and Maritime fleet from the turn of the century to the 1980s. Also known as the Quincy Shipyard, the Bethlehem Steel Shipyard and the General Dynamics Shipyard, Fore River had three different owners during its 80 active years. At Fore River Shipyards peak during WWII, it was owned by the Bethlehem Steel Shipbuilding Corp. and employed 50,000 people. FAsbestos at the Key Highway ShipyardThe Key Highway Shipyard was a Bethlehem Steel Corporation business. Today the Shipyard no longer exists; Baltimore developments such as condominiums have gradually taken over the site since the shipyard's closing in 1982. Asbestos Exposure at the Key Highway Shipyard List of Naval Bases and U.S. Shipyards with Documented Asbestos is highly toxic to humans, yet the material was widely used at shipyards and naval bases for most of the 20th century. Millions of private sector and U.S. Navy shipbuilders were exposed, as recently as the 1970s and 1980s, at facilities from coast to coast. Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation PennsylvaniaNov 17, 2011 · Many Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation shipyard workers are at a great risk of suffering serious health complications from exposure to asbestos. Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation workers who were employed before the 1980s at the shipyard were exposed to high levels of asbestos for a prolonged periods. Mesobook Military and Navy Asbestos ExposureAsbestos Exposure in the Military. Asbestos was used on military bases, naval shipyards and in navy ships throughout the 20th century. The use of asbestos on ships was especially harmful to many navy veterans. Hundreds of thousands of our military veterans have suffered from asbestos-related illnesses, including mesothelioma. Asbestos Risks to Shipyard Workers - AsbestosNewsUnfortunately, the dangers of asbestos, and consequently the serious risks to shipyard workers, were not known until the 1970s. Over the years, shipyards across the U.S. have employed many millions of workers and built thousands of ships containing large amounts of the deadly substance. Key Highway Shipyard - Mesothelioma SymptomsKey Highway Shipyard One of the largest steel producers the United States, the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, was also one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world. This company was first formed in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with the original name of Saucona Iron Company in the 1850's.

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