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Best theatre groups in Mumbai to start your theatre career

Updated: Feb 12


Hey theatre lovers! Are you curious about the magic of live plays but feeling a bit lost? Don't worry, this blog is your friendly guide to exploring the awesome world of theatre in India! It's like opening a giant treasure chest overflowing with incredible stories and talented people, eager to bring them to life. We'll help you navigate the exciting maze of amazing theatre groups and find the perfect ones to tickle your imagination. So, grab your popcorn (or chai!), get comfy, and let's dive into the stage adventure!



motley logo

Founded by Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah, Motley is a powerhouse of established talent, known for its thought-provoking contemporary productions and adaptations of Indian and international classics.

akvarious production logo

Headed by veteran director Akash Khurana, Akvarious is renowned for its visually stunning and experimental productions, often blending diverse artistic disciplines like dance, music, and visual art.



naatakwaale theatre company logo

Founded in 2013 by Bhartendu Natya Academy (BNA) graduate Debanshu Shekhar, this dynamic young company focuses on socially relevant themes and corporate plays, with a strong emphasis on creating impact using theatre.

asmita theatre group logo

This group explores contemporary Indian narratives with raw honesty and humor, often showcasing emerging actors and playwrights.



rangshila theatre group logo

Rangshila was started in 2008 by Drama School Bhartendu Natya Academy (BNA) graduate Avneesh Mishra. It is based out of Mumbai. They provide workshops for people from all sorts of background, and ages.

ank theatre group logo

Led by the effervescent Dinesh Thakur, Ank offers a dose of lighthearted comedy and witty satire, perfect for a fun night out.

qtp entertainment logo

Known for its vibrant musical productions and adaptations of popular Bollywood films, QTP ensures a toe-tapping and entertaining experience.


Remember: This is just a starting point! Explore Mumbai's theatre scene through online reviews, recommendations, and festival listings. Attend different types of productions and discover what resonates with you. The best theatre group is the one that ignites your imagination, challenges your perspectives, and leaves you wanting more.


Tips for finding the best theatre group for you:

  • Consider your interests: Do you prefer classic plays, contemporary dramas, or comedies? Are you interested in experimental forms or social commentary?

  • Read reviews and recommendations: Seek out reviews from respected sources and ask friends and family for their recommendations.

  • Check listings and festivals: Look for upcoming plays that catch your eye and don't be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone.

  • Meet the theatre groups: Attend workshops, open houses, or post-show discussions to get a feel for the group's vibe and artistic vision.

  • So, don't just search for the "best" theatre group in Mumbai, discover your own favorites!


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